We Are

We, TranslatorsFrom.Asia, are a team of professional translators and business consultants with different backgrounds, experiences, and expertises. Some of us are software programmers working on a variety of OS platforms, some are website developers, some are paralegals, some are professional subtitle translators, some are electricians or civil engineers, some are biologists, some are mathematicians and physicists, some are nurses or medical practioners. Each of us is from different background with different experiences and expertises, but our goal is one and only one; helping you expand your business in the new markets! We firmly believe that only your success ensures our prosperity. No translation vendor can survive by itself alone. If our clients fail to do business in the new markets, we are sure to lose our new clients. If they are sucessful, they will localize more of products and/or services, which in turn brings us more jobs and chances to success.


We do not simply translate our clients' documents, we help them make their products and/or service accessible and appealing to their new customers. Not only translation service, but we also provide whatever our clients' needs are. We do not talk about our service, but we talk about your business. 

We put together for one goal; Help our clients expand their business in the huge Asian markets.

About us

I had worked as a professional freelance translator since 1996 before I opened our own translation office. I participated in quite a number of huge localization projects, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Office, Windows XP, SP1/2/3, Windows Vista, SP1/SP2, Windows 7, SP1, Windows 8/8.1 since those days of Windows XP. I also worked as a documentation engineer for IBM before. All of our members are my old colleagues with whom I have done many successful projects together. We also provide business consulting service for our clients.

Hi, I majored in Computer Science from Kyeongpook National University. I like anything related to computer and/or information technology.
Sorry, I am poor at writing English. (though I am really good at reading and understanding anything about computer and high-tech, etc.)

Bye ~~~

Hello, I majored in Business Administration from Kyeongpook National University. I've translated a lot of educational videos. I enjoy watching all kinds of vidoes, not only American TV shows but also Chinese historial dramas. I am a huge fan of American dramas and movies.


Thank you for reading.

私は李明熙です。私は成均館大学校で法学を専攻し、弁護士事務所で事務補助員として6年間働いたが、今は司法書士試験の勉強をしています。私は主に法律関連の書類を翻訳します。I majored in law from the Sungkyunkwan University, and worked as an assistant at a lawyer's office for 6 years. I am currently studying law for paralegal examination.  I usually translate legal documents. Thank you.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi, I majored in English from Korea National Open University. I think I've dtped thousands of pdf books using FrameMaker since 1998. I have worked as a freelance dtper for most of localization vendors in South Korea. I have a lot of tools at my hand, such as RoboHelp, FrameMaker, Illustrater, Photoshop, PageMaker, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, QuarkXPress, both on Mac and PC., etc. These days, I begin to learn Microsoft Blend, and 3D graphics.

Hello everyone,  I worked as an O.R. nurse for Korea University Medical Center in Seoul for 6 years. I wished to be be a medical doctor, so I decided to enter medical school. While preparing for medical school enterance exam, I also work as medical document translator. Thank Tom for giving me many materials to read and also make money for my medical school tuition. I am especially interested in the plastic surgery. 

Hi, I am a pharmacist, and have been working for Jeong Moon Pharmacy for 6 years before I delivered my first baby girl in 2008. After taking my girl to Kindergarten, I do either translation or proofreading medical documents. I like to read about new medicines and latest medical equipments, and about up-to-date medical advance. I am a freelance translator, interested in anything about medicine and medical science.

Thomas Kim (김창희, 金倉熙)

Project Manager,
General Manager

Dong Wook Park (박동욱)

Computer Programmer,
Techincal Translator

Jin Woo Choi (최진우)

Translator for Marketing,
usiness, and Video Subtitler

Myeon Hee Lee (이명희, 李明熙)

Legal Document Translator, Editor

Seon Hye Kim (김선혜, 金善惠)

Graphic Artist,
DTP Specialist

Ji Hye Lee (이지혜, 李智慧)

Former nurse,
Feelance medical translator

Myeong Sook Yoon (윤명숙)

Freelance medical translator