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Zip Code: 39045
5-24, Miseong 4-gil, Ubo-myeon, Gunwi-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Rep. of KOREA

TEL: +82 54 382 1223

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TranslatorsFrom.Asia is called "We" hereafter.


1. We pay the Translator the fair amount of the translation fee agreed upon between we and the translator at a specified date from the date of delivery to us, irrespective of whether we are paid by our clients or not.


2. We pay the transaction fee required for the wire-transfer from us to the translator. However, the translator should pay necessary transaction fee to withdraw the money from his bank or PayPal account.


3. We do not request for free sample test. We pay for sample test translation only if the applicant passes the test, and thereby he or she works with us in future. If fails, we do not pay him or her for the sample test. 


4. We do not seriously take the translator's (a) experience, (b) titles, (c) educational background, (d) certificates, and/or (e) membership to translation related to such organizations. We only value translator's real performance at real work.


5. We will provide the translator with all necessary materials needed to properly understand the translation souce, and the instructions for the translator to follow while doing translation.

TranslatorsFrom.Asia's Obligation

The Translator's Obligation

1. Are you a full time freelance translator?


We do not accept part-time translators, or who is an employee of another company. We do not accept students, even if he or she is a graduate student, or even in Ph.D course. We only work with professionals who are making their living by translation.


2. Can you respond to us within 12 hours from the time we would send you our message in week days, our 24 hours during weekends?


We value responsiveness and responsibility as the first requirements of any of our translators. If you cannot say "yes," we do not accept you as our translator.


3. Do you understand the subject matter of your translation? When you think you do not understand the subject matter of the translation source, do you do enough search and/or do you report this to your project manager?


We understand that most of wrong translations arise from the lack of understanding the subject matter of the translation source. When the translator cannot understand the specific sentences or words, the translator should ask his/her project manager to provide more resources to refer to. Also any translator should do enough searches to get the context and correct understanding of the translation source, its subject matter, etc.

If you accept the above terms and conditions, please send us your resume
 through the email, career at translatorsfrom.asia, replace "at" with @ character.

Agreement between
TranslatorsFrom.Asia and The Freelance Translator

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