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Software Developer & Localization Engineer
CAT (Computer Aided Translation) Tools
  1. I am a Bachelor of Science (mathematics and physics) from a university in South Korea,
  2. I have been programming on Microsoft DOS / Windows / Linux / Sun Microsystems platforms using C/C++ since 1990,
  3. I actively participated in the localization project of Microsoft Visual Basic version 5.0 back in 1996, which was the first programming tool localization into the Korean language. I actually suggested and coined some of the Korean programming language terms,
  4. I translated over 600,000 words of Oracle's RDBMS (or Relational Database Management System) all by myself in 1997,
  5. I worked as Senior Documentation Engineer for IBM Korea in 1998 and localized eSuite Office which is similar to Google Document / Spreadsheet / Presentation software,
  6. I localized PaintShop Pro from JASC Software in 1998, which later was merged with CorelDraw,
  7. I localized McAfee Anti-Virus and other server products from Network Associates International which was merged with Intel Corporation,
  8. I developed an interpreting (or scripting) language, using Bison and Flex, which is called Yet Another Language in 2003 ~ 2006,
  9. I developed an electronic pen application called Yet Another Pen in 2007 ~ 2010, which was a computer graphics tool,
  10. I developed the EasyWord Professional, a foreign language learning tool, advanced multimedia player, subtitle translation tool, text to speech, speech recognition tool, in 2013 ~ 2016.
  11. I translated  FreeOffice website and SoftMaker Shop all by myself in 2017,
  12. I localized all of SoftMaker Office in 2017, in which 20% was new words, 80% was updated,
  13. I have been translating GoDaddy website since July 2014,
  14. TalkPlayFun is my personal blog website for the computer programming technology.

These are CAT tools we use most as professional translators:


  2. Memsource
  3. MemoQ
  4. Smartling
  5. ...

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We are skilled software developers as well as experienced localization engineers.

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