We Are

No matter how shiny is your product, it is nothing but

 a pearl in the mud if not accessible to your customers.

 Making your product accessible to the new market is
 is our role as your business partner. 

We are not just another translation vendor out there,
 but your invaluable asset, helping you expand
your business into a whole new world!

 Your Legendary Success in the New World
is Our Business Goal!

No matter how much your website is SEO-friendly, your website is simply INVISBLE to your asian customers.

(South Koreans prefer naver to google!)

Even the Roman Catholic Church's incredible expansion
in Korea was only possible after localized to its culture.

No matter how accurate and fluent the translation is,
it is of no use if not appealing to your customers.


Until all Asians Have a Craving For Your Product!

Messages from Our Clients


Hi Tom

Many thanks for your support
Very good translation service, fast and affordable

What else to say... we are looking forward to continue & develop our business relationship.


Hi Pascal, thanks a million for your message.
We will provide you with the best service that you
would ever expect from a translation vendor.

Tom's service?

Quality? I can't tell the quality of their translations for I don't know abc of korean. But my korean colleague said, their translations look quite professional and flawless, but try it yourself...

But I can tell you one thing for sure, their service is super fast,,, even faster than fedex or dhl (;-

Sandra Christopel
Project Manager, SDLT


Thank you, Sandra, for your comment and sharing your photo .

Our service is not only fast, but also of best quality!

Tom, congratulations!

You are finally opening your translation office. You will keep providing us with your excellent service, of course, with affordable rate, won't you?. Quality? He has been localizing our software products since 2008...


Thank you, Isabella, for your comment.

Don't worry, we will keep providing you with quality
localization service 
with affordable price as before.

Hi Tom,

It's great to hear that you finally opened your own business. You know, my boss complained of your high rate before. But, with our steady sales increase in korea, he is all smile these days. Thanks a lot, tom, you secured my job, and don't worry, he won't change our translation vendor. He seems to be satisfied with your service and support.


Hi Jessia, thank you for comments.

When your boss visits Korea this fall, I will
him to major electronic markets here.

Tom's service ...

Quality? I can't tell the quality of their translations for I don't know abc of korean. But my korean colleague said, their translations look quite professional and flawless, check it yourself... But, I can tell you one thing for sure, their service is super fast...  even faster than Fedex or UPS.


Thank you, Sandra, for your comment.

Our service is not only fast, but also of best quality!

Hey buddy,

I really appreciate your constant support and excellent service. Last spring, I finaly got a promotion, international sales manager. It's all due to your excellent support. I will treat you when you visit our office in L.A. Thank you once again for your excellent service.


Richard, thanks for your comments.

As long as I am doing business, I will always be at your service.
By the way, 
how are you gonna treat me when I visit your office?

Pascal Schmit

Chef & Co-Owner,
Abacus Restaurant

Siem Reap, Kingdom of Reap

Isabella K. Newton

Isabella Technology. Inc.

Jessica L. Miller

SJ Technology, Inc.

Sandra Christopel

Project Manager,
Global Language Solutions, Inc.

Richard J. Williams

International Sales Manager,
3DToReality, Inc.

Yokoyama Masayoshi (横山正義)

課長代理 (Deputy manager)
Olympus Corporation, Japan







Thank you, Mr. Yokoyama, for your messeage.

Will you recommend me a good but afforadable DSLR camera?


하루 작업량이 정말 놀랍네요. 그러면서도 품질을 유지하시구요...

저번에 해주신 건은 잘 완료되었습니다. 큰 건은 우선 대략 완료된 것 같네요^^

이번 건 도와주셔서 감사드리고요, 앞으로도 계속 협조 부탁드려요.



감사합니다, 이은경 실장님.
제가 작업이 좀 빠르긴 하죠.

Lee, Eun Kyeong (이은경)

CEO & Project Manager,
Professional Language Solutions, Inc.

If our clients fail to succeed in Korea, we are losing our clients. If our clients prosper in Korea, so does TranslatorsFrom.Asia. Only our clients' success in Korean can brighten our business in future. We will do every possible efforts we can to help our clients expand their business in Korea, and in Asia.